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Touchless QR codes open new doors for various brands

QR codes are a powerful and secure physical to digital engagement channel. They give us a chance to collect first-party data and collect valuable insights about the user audience.

Our dynamic QR codes offer different user journeys depending on the association of the consumer with the brand. All product information and user journeys can be changed from the backend at any time without changing QR codes.

Landing Pages

Our solutions are mobile responsive, customisable and offer complete engagement analytics. We also offer multilingual language support to establish a deeper connect with the consumer.

The Technology

Our tech-first solution incorporates Augmented reality, one-click registration, multi-lingual, 3rd party integrations (Whatsapp, SMSs), data analytics, and Google geo integrations. Our solutions are scalable, and we treat cyber security, fraud detection, data usage consent, data privacy, and data encryption storage with utmost sincerity.

Our Solutions

We offer consumer engagement, education, online surveys, consumer instant cashbacks and any other feature that you may require. Our solutions are highly customisable to meet brand’s every needs and wants.

Brands that trust Us


New Product Launches Among Existing Customers in Specific Areas

Introducing a fresh product? Harness the power of QR codes to make an enticing debut among your loyal customers in targeted locales, igniting excitement and boosting sales.

Acquiring Customers With Cashback Incentives

Unlock the potential of QR codes as your gateway to enticing cashback incentives, simplifying the path for prospective customers to effortlessly access and reap the rewards. This magnetic allure not only entices new patrons but also fuels a desire for repeated indulgence.

Post Reviews By Offline Customers

By seamlessly integrating QR codes into your offline customer experience, you open a convenient gateway for patrons to share their valuable reviews on your website. These positive testimonials serve as trust-enhancing beacons, elevating your conversion rates to new heights.

Improve Performance Marketing of Digital Campaigns with Customer Data

The path to triumph lies in the art of data-driven marketing. QR codes unlock a treasure trove of invaluable customer insights, empowering you to elegantly refine your digital campaigns, guaranteeing each marketing investment yields maximum returns.

Increase Brand Awareness

When a customer scans a QR code gracing a product, they embark on a digital journey to a captivating landing page that unfolds the rich tapestry of product details and brand story. This seamless experience serves as a powerful catalyst, igniting brand recognition and directing a surge of enthusiastic visitors to the brand's virtual domain.

Improve Performance Of BTL And ATL With Customer Demography

QR codes, when scanned by customers, serve as a powerful tool for collecting valuable demographic insights. Leveraging this data empowers brands to execute more precise and impactful advertising campaigns, both at the grassroots level (BTL) and on a broader scale (ATL).

Improve Existing Products With Feedback

QR codes serve as a gateway to feedback forms and surveys, paving the way for an open channel of direct communication. This invaluable conduit unveils precious insights that fuel product enhancements, ultimately elevating customer contentment and fortifying unwavering loyalty.

Understand Customer Tastes for Future Successful Launches

Unlock the potential of QR codes to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of your customers' preferences. Delve into their unique tastes and desires, and use this profound insight as the compass guiding your future product launches towards resounding success, custom-tailored to fulfill their every wish.

Drive sales

When a discerning customer scans a QR code adorning a product, they embark on a captivating digital journey leading them to an engaging landing page where the product's features and brand's irresistible offerings are unveiled. This immersive experience serves as a potent driver, igniting sales conversions and guiding eager buyers to the brand's digital storefront, where they can effortlessly seal the deal.

WhatsApp Marketing With Specific Groups

QR codes offer a powerful means to categorize customers into distinct segments, leveraging factors such as geographical location, past purchase behaviors, and individual product inclinations. This strategic approach paves the way for highly personalized WhatsApp marketing initiatives, resulting in enhanced customer engagement and superior conversion rates.

Convert Slow-Moving Products to Fast-Moving Ones by Up-Selling

When a perceptive customer scans a QR code gracing a product, they embark on an enchanting digital journey, guiding them to a compelling landing page where they discover enticing product upgrades and complementary offerings. This immersive experience serves as a savvy strategy, seamlessly converting slow-moving items into fast-moving stars by skillfully up-selling, enticing customers to enhance their purchases and propelling these products to the forefront of desirability.

Personalised Customer Targeting & Marketing

Upon scanning a QR code thoughtfully embedded within a product, a discerning customer is transported to an engaging landing page meticulously crafted to cater to their individual tastes and preferences. This meticulously curated experience becomes the bedrock of precision marketing, allowing brands to connect with their audience on a deeply personal level and offer tailored content and promotions that resonate with each customer's unique desires.

Customer Success stories

With one of our current snacking client

Remarkable QR Code Scan Rates

Our esteemed client witnessed phenomenal success with EaseMyGrowth's cutting-edge QR code solutions. They not only achieved an impressive QR code scan rate of over 17%, but also racked up a whopping 3.85 lakh scans! This incredible feat empowered them to forge connections with a massive audience, catapulting their brand visibility and customer engagement to unprecedented heights.

Impressive Registration Rates

Here's another inspiring tale of triumph, and it centers on visitor registration. Astonishingly, more than 60% of our client's website visitors enthusiastically opted for registration, underscoring the power of our QR code solutions in gathering invaluable customer data. These registrations didn't just stop there; they opened the door to precious insights, allowing our client to fine-tune their marketing endeavors with incredible precision.

Data Collection Success

EaseMyGrowth's solutions aren't just about elevating registration rates; they're catalysts for encouraging data submission as well. Astonishingly, around 50% of our registered users willingly shared invaluable data. This data treasure trove worked wonders, enriching our client's customer database, and giving them the tools to craft highly personalized campaigns that hit the bullseye with their audience.

Rewarding Winners

Prepare to be moved by this heartwarming success tale! We joined forces with a brand to gracefully hand out INR 1.25 lakh in prize money to an astounding 12,000 fortunate participants. Our QR code solutions orchestrated a seamless orchestration of reward management, ensuring satisfaction and fostering loyalty among our cherished customers.

Growing Social Presence

Last but not least, our solutions ignited a remarkable firestorm in social media growth. Brace yourself for this - our client witnessed a meteoric rise in their Instagram followers, welcoming an impressive 6,400 fresh faces into their digital family. What's more, they amassed an invaluable treasure trove of reviews, cementing their online presence and elevating their brand's aura of trust and credibility.

Glimpse of the User Journeys

EaseMyGrowth QR Code solution helps you...

Chose your product and get a branded QR code


Manage & personalize global QR Code campaigns


Measure engagement in the physical world


Capture intent in the physical world and build digital cohorts


Engage with consumers through native phone notifications, whatsapp, email and various social media channels